So what else can my box do?

While many people buy the Cable-Killer box strictly for the ability to watch TV and Movies, the truth is they are missing out on the many other feature the box provides. Your Cable-Killer box is a mini computer, capable of doing anything you can do on a smart phone or tablet. Lets take a look at just a sample of the other features available on your box:

  • INTERNET BROWSING: Your box comes with a full internet browser installed. Search google, browse your favorite sites, do research, the choice is yours.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA: Facebook, Twitter, Instigram, google+, they are are available to be downloaded and used through the google play store.
  • EMAIL: Be it GMAIL, YAHOO, AOL, or any other email provider you can always access your important messages.
  • USB PORTS: Each box has 4 USB ports. Use these ports to hook up a wireless keyboard and mouse, external hard drive, web cam, the option are endless.
  • ACCESS YOUR EXISTING PAID STREAMING SERVICES: Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, HBO GO, ect, if you have any of these services you can configure them work with your box.
  • GET WORK DONE: The google playstore has many choices for word processing, spread sheets, powerpoint and other office style programs.