Q: What platform do you use (Kodi, Apple, XBMC, FMC, SPMC,  ect)?

A: The platform itself does not generate the content. Its important to understand that with any of the available media player platforms on the market today, the 3rd party addons are what generate the content. There are thousands of these 3rd party addons, and each are developed, maintained, and supported completely separately from the platform itself. When you purchase a box from us, we select all the best addons and configure them on your box in a way that makes everything easy to use. We then provide support for your box and ongoing updates to the configuration to make sure you always have a working system. if you have problems with your box, you contact 1 person - US. You don't need to contact the programmers. This ongoing support and reconfigurations are the service that make your box and Cable-Killer special. Which base media player we use may change at any time based on the best possible technology available.

Q: Do you ship Internationally?

A: Sorry, at this time we only ship within the USA.

Q: What can I watch on my Cable-Killer box?

A: Everything. You can watch every episode of any tv show, regardless of what channel it originally aired on. Every movie, past and present, including most new releases that are still in theaters. Every sporting event from around the world.


Q: How is the clarity?

A: Any TV show that is available in HD – you can watch in HD. Any movie that’s been released digitally (OnDemand, DVD, Blueray, or on any cable channel) , you can watch in HD. Movies that are still in theaters are not always available in HD until they are released digitally, but sometimes they are. Live sporting events are not usually available in HD. Qualities vary depending on the origin, demand, and internet speed.


Q: Do I need internet?

A: Yes. You need high speed internet for the box to work.


Q: What speed internet do I need?

A: 12Mbps – 15Mbps at the box is ideal, however you can play Standard Definition at about 7Mbps.


Q: Does the box have WiFi?

A: Yes. The box has WiFi built in, and it also has an ethernet jack for a hardwired connection. Cable-Killer always recomends connecting the box with an ethernet cable when possible as it provides a faster, more stable connection.


Q: Is there any subscriptions or services required?

A: NO. Once you purchase the box there are no services or subscriptions.


Q: Will I get the big PPV boxing , wresting, and MMA events?

A: YES. You will get all these events for FREE. Plus any other sporting event you would like to watch.


Q: Is the box legal?

A: Yes. Because you are streaming the content and not downloading it.


Q: Does the box update automatically?

A: Yes.

Q: What kind of warranty/exchange policy do you have?

A: All hardware is warrantied for 60 Days from the date of purchase. During that time we will exchange any defective box. After the initial hardware warranty expires, there is lifetime tech support. Tech support includes reflashing, reloading, new configurations or any other software related needs.